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Friday, April 6, 2012

Well Tea: A Miss This Time

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So, I decided to go to Well Tea at Richmond to satisfy my craving for bubble tea. It was such a HUGE disappointment. For an entire day, I felt totally dehydrated probably because the food was laced with way too much MSG. Also the quality of the food seemed a little more greasy than usual.

Ordered the fried fermented pork with fried rice again because I was so enamored by it the first time. It felt good in the beginning but somehow, I felt quite sick mid way eating this. Have no idea why :(

I usually like sauce on my food. But maybe, this time round, the sauce had no much MSG. It really wasn't as good as the first time.  

Also ordered chicken nuggets - Taiwanese style. This was so-so and was nothing to rave about. Me sad. I feel that the Corner 23 Taiwanese place was so much better.

Apart from being crispy, this dish is pretty average. It lacked the WOW factor.

The Milo bubble tea was served in this transparent tea pot. The sprout of the teapot was broken. I acknowledge that the glass of this tea pot is thin but still serving in a broken teapot is a BIG no-no for me. Particularly since I am an avid tea drinker.

Milo always bring me wonderful memories of my childhood years. But this Milo was pretty sweet and thick.

Quality of food: 2.5/5 - I don't know whether it was the chicken or the pork but for an entire day, I felt so so thirsty. Too much MSG.
Price of food: 4/5
Overall experience: 2.5/5 - Sorry Well Tea: Its really a thumbs down for me. The heavy dose of MSG left me with a lingering migraine. I am afraid that it will be a LONG time before I am back for a visit again.

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