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Monday, May 7, 2012

Hime Sushi - West 10th Avenue & Sasamat

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Hime Sushi is an unassuming Japanese resturant along the Sasamat area. But the quality of sushi and food is fantastic. Service is also very prompt and efficient. I have been there a couple of times since it is near campus. Happy to share with my readers my recent food escapade at Hime.

One of the best selling points about Hime is the quality of its sashimi. Its fresh and extremely refreshing. It always cries out to me "Order more". This time, moderation is the key to enjoyment. Not to mention I need to be careful with my pocket :) So, ordered an appertiser sashimi. The cut of the sashimi is noticely smaller but for the price, I am not complaining. Also the quality of the cut is comparable to the regular sized sashimi. Verdict - fresh, light and satisfying. Frankly, I could eat the entire appertiseer by myself :)

Nicely sliced pieces of sashimi. I want MORE (hehehe)

Next came the fried stuff - tempura and the soft shell crab. I like the quality of tempura at Hime. Its crispy and yet does not leave me with a greasy and heavy afterfill. But my favourite is the soft shell crab. Its not only crispy but there is sufficient meat and even some eggs inside. The soft shell crab went very well with the tangy mayo - a big thumbs up for me.

Catching seafood by its tail

Beautiful array of soft shell crab - somehow I think they were trying to display it like a "live" crab.

Finally, came the delightful array of one of their sushi's specials. Generally, the price of the sushi here is more expensive than some of the other sushi joints around the area. But its worth a splurge once in a while because the quality of the sushi is simply divine. I generally prefer eating the more traditional type of sushi in this resturant compared to their other types of fancy rolls. Again, the freshness of the seafood is a strong selling point in this restaurant. I highly recommend it.

A beautiful array of succulent, fresh sushi.

I love my salmon sushi.

Overall Experience: 
Deco: 3.5/5 - fairly simple but clean and comfortable. Can be a tight squeeze at times and you sometimes have to wait for a table, particularly on Saturday nights. Best to make a reservation if you have a large group.
Quality of food: 4/5 - I am generally happy with the quality of the  seafood and the fried stuff here. The bento lunch set (which includes terriyaki etc)  is a good value for money but I personally feel its not their strongest selling point - which is their combo sushis and sashimi.
Value for $$: $$$/5. Its not exactly the most economical place but its worth saving for. Ordering ala carte can be expensive at times (depending on what you order) and may set you back $20 per person.
Overall Experience: 4/5 - I love this place. And I do get cravings for their soft shell crab and seafood motoyaki.

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