I believe that food like good music and a good book is a solace to a person's soul. Food is both a science and an art - a yin-yang balance to your body and also an appreciation of colors, textures and sensory experience.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Gator Cooks - Some Random Food

Gator has been cooking up a storm lately. Home cooked food is always nice, provided that you have time to prepare. Otherwise, its simply survival mode. But cooking does put Gator in a good frame of mind, provided that Gator is not pre-occupied with something else. You just have to shut down, plan on what you can whip up and try to depend on your sensory system to make something tasty and hopefully, something healthy as well.

One of my usual stir-fry dishes is beef with green onions. I usually buy pre-sliced beef from the Asian supermarket. All you need to do is to add:

a) Soya sauce
b) Corn starch
c) Sesame oil
d) White pepper

I marinate the beef slices for about 15 minutes with the above ingredients. Some people would add a dash of salt but I usually just add a little bit more soya sauce. Next, stir fry some sliced ginger, add the beef and marinate and then add spring onions. I wish that it will look more appetizing but here you go. I normally sprinkle additional white paper towards the end.

Beef with green onion
My other favorite dish is simply omelette with preserved turnip. You can buy preserved turnip at most Asian grocery stores. I usually give it a quick rinse and dab it with paper towel. Break 2-3 eggs, beat it well with chopsticks or a fork, add the preserved turnip and white pepper. Personally, I prefer that the oil is heated up till its quite hot before adding the eggs and then I slowly turn down the heat. Sometimes, my omelette is pretty hard because I want to eat it with porridge or congee. If I am eating omelette with rice, I make the eggs a little more runny in texture.

Omelette with preserved turnip
I am planning to post a food review in my next post.

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  1. Hey. How are you? I kind of disappeared. Just got busy with drama and stuff. However life is normal again :)
    The omelette reminds me of the fact that I also let the oil heat up well before adding the eggs. I find it is easier to work with it then. However my omelette always looks like some long lost brother of amoeba :P
    Peace xo