I believe that food like good music and a good book is a solace to a person's soul. Food is both a science and an art - a yin-yang balance to your body and also an appreciation of colors, textures and sensory experience.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Gator Goes for High Tea - La Cuisson Cafe

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I meant to blog about La Cuisson months ago but have not done so. My mentor, LM brought Gator for high tea at this cafe and as a special treat before I left for my field work. I chose this place since I already tried Adonia Tea House (also a treat from a friend from Victoria).

It was mid day and we had a choice of having something light and then go out for dinner or have a more substantial mid day tea. We decided to opt for the latter option - a full fledged brunch set for two which included sandwiches, cakes and of course, tea.

The three tiered serving tray was pretty impressive - I love the gold handle. It looked so regal.

What a beautiful array of finger food

The bottom tray had sandwiches, croissants  and smoked salmon. I love the smoked salmon. No cucumber sandwiches though - so not quite your typical English tea.
Savory fare - the smoked salmon was yummy
The middle level had scones and pastry.  Come to think about it - they should have given us more clotted cream and jam.
Scones and pastry - cotted cream and jam. Should have supplied more jam. 
Finally, the top tray had the yummy sweet stuff - chocolate cake, macaron and mango mousse.
Who can say no to sweets - especially chocolate? I especially enjoyed the mango mousse. The cakes were delicious and were not too sweet.

Sweets for the sweet.
This cafe had a pretty substantial choice of tea. Unfortunately, I can't remember what tea I ordered. I believed that it was some fruit tea. I love the little tea warmer and the beautiful tea cup.

Nothing makes me happier than drinking and appreciating the aroma and aesthetics  of tea.

Deco: A cosy set-up. I liked the little corner where we were sitting
Quality of food: 4/5 - I enjoyed my tea. I wished that they had cucumber sandwiches though.
Value for $$: It was not in the range of Fairmont Vancouver (of which I haven't been) but it wasn't exactly cheap either.
Overall Experience: 4/5. The service was pretty good though. The server did explain the range of food offered for the high tea. She was prompt in filing up hot water and yet gave us privacy.  I don't mind being back there - but not to have high tea though. I thought it was pretty pricey. I guess the downside of having high tea is that you do feel full initially but then you get hungry again late at night. Gator does get hungry and needs to eat quite often :) (a scary thought)


  1. I love the way they did things in their own way. Like that gorgeous stand. And I myself agree with their choice of dessert. But I am intrigued by your love for cucumber sandwiches lol The pastry looks great though. And now did you mention Victoria? I'm in love with that city. I read a novel centered there which has me longing to visit it one day. We'll see. You should take some pictures for me the next time you are there!
    Love x

    1. Hi

      So nice to see that you are back. I have been checking your blog. For some reason, I missed your message and am reading it now. Hehhee - I love cucumber sandwiches because the cucumbers have to be so thinly sliced and it tastes so good with bread. Okay - will take pictures of Victoria the next time I am there.